Introduction to the tea (tasting session)
  • Introduction to the tea (tasting session)

    You are invited to a private 2-hour tea tasting session for complete tea newbies.


    Our Introduction to tea lesson last about 2 hours, during which you will learn about:

    • The History of Tea — Learn about the origins of tea and how it became the most widely consumed beverage in the world behind water.

    • Basic Types of Tea — Discover some of the most common types of teas and their profiles.

    • Teas and Infusions — Find out the differences between teas and infusions, and what that means for your tea experience.

    • Picking Top Quality Tea — Learn how to differentiate premium tea from mediocre tea and ensure you only accept the very best.

    • Tea Storage — Uncover the secrets of tea storage, so that your tea always stays fresh and fragrant.

    • Tea Brewing Methods — Explore the different brewing methods and their effect on tea.

    • Turning Tea into an Experience — Get all your senses involved as you discover how tea can be so much more than just a drink.

    • The Tea Wheel — Tour the rainbow of tastes that tea can convey and learn how to combine and pair them.

    • Tea Tasting—Indulge in some of the finest and most exotic teas the world has to offer and find out just how mind-blowing tea can be.


    We will provide you with tea, a friendly atmosphere and a presentation.


    More information about our classes you can find HERE.


    Unfortunately, kids and pets are not allowed to join our tea tasting session. Please be aware, amount of participants is limited to 6.


    Dates and time must be confirmed prior to booking through:

    Instagram - @TeaAddictUK

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      PriceFrom £30.00

      “Tea is a gift from the earth. Drink deeply and take in nature.”