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How to store the tea

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Let tea quench your thirst for relaxation and free you from modernity.

Poorly stored leaves can diminish the quality and potency of your tea. If you want a tea that’s going to melt your mind and make you feel one with the universe, follow the tips below.

Avoiding oxidation is especially important for green, yellow and white teas. Store your leaves in airtight containers to keep them away from oxygen. If the leaves are stronger and less delicate, you can use vacuum-sealed packs; however, delicate leaves can be broken or crushed by this procedure.

Keep your leaves away from heat and light, as they will cause your tea to deteriorate. Also make sure to store your tea away from excess moisture until you brew your tea, as moisture can bleed out the flavour.


Finally, keep your tea away from strong odours as the leaves can absorb strong scents. So, store your different tea varieties separately for an untarnished aroma.

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