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Handmade Ceramics Rescue Project

We are rescuing and rehoming handmade ceramics, helping to reunite those who will truly enjoy each piece. These ceramic plates, cups and vases are secondhand, found by us in different charity and vintage shops across the world. Some of them were found in our friends and families long-forgotten dark cupboard corners.  All ceramics are looked after, cleaned with love and ready to be rehomed.


The energy of handmade ceramics is unique. Each piece might have its own imperfections that make it one of a kind and tell the story of its journey.


Our aim is to bring to your home a sustainable piece of art, that you will enjoy every day emotionally and practically.

PXL_20220114_124724118 (2).jpg

The planet is a gift we give to those yet to be born.

Ceramics Rescue

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