Soba-cha (Buckwheat tea)
  • Soba-cha (Buckwheat tea)

    Soba roasted buckwheat is a traditional Japanese speciality that is prepared as you would a herbal tisane. It is naturally caffeine-free, with a delightful toasty flavour and nutty undertones.

    • Brewing instructions

      Add 10 grams of buckwheat into a teapot. Do note that if your teapot is larger or smaller than 500 ml, you can freely adjust the amount proportionally to the size of the teapot you own.

      If you plan to brew an amount based on the number of persons that you plan to serve you could assume 5 grams of buckwheat per person. 

      Add 500 ml of hot water and cover the teapot with the lid.Let the buckwheat steep inside the teapot for 3 minutes to get the perfect infusion. Feel free to adjust the duration based on your own preference. 

      Buckwheat is good for about 3 steeps, but if you reduce the steeping time you might get a few more brews.


    “Tea is a gift from the earth. Drink deeply and take in nature.”

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