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Tea Classes

Just as coffee is all about the beans, tea is all about the leaves—but have you ever thought about what you’re putting in your teapot? The rise of artisan coffee has been astronomic in recent years, with many businesses and cafés getting involved in the trend; however, some companies and small businesses are neglecting their tea offering and are missing out on a huge part of the market.


With around 165 million cups of tea consumed daily in the UK, this is the new trend you can’t afford to miss! The aim of our tea classes is to promote tea knowledge across Sussex, so that you can be confident in your own tea expertise.

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At Tea Addict, we know everything there is to know about tea. Let us take you by the hand and lead you down the rabbit hole, as we introduce you to a whole new world of tea in our tea lessons. We will teach you how to refine your tea palate, differentiate between different types of tea and, of course, how to prepare each type. You think you know tea? Think again!

How does the heat of the water affect the quality of the tea? Should you serve your tea in a pot or a cup? Is your “tea” even really tea? You might be surprised by some of the answers you find with our tea classes. If you feel some curiosity brewing up inside you, sign up for one of our tea classes today.

Why Take One of Our Tea Classes?

Whether you’re a barista, a café owner or one of the ever-growing number of individual tea enthusiasts and addicts around the country, our tea lesson will help you to expand your tea knowledge. We will walk you through six different types of tea as you taste them, teaching you about each of their qualities and how best to serve them. Moreover, we will teach you how to turn the act of drinking each type of tea into a euphoric experience that will cleanse your mind and enrich your body.

For individuals looking for a luxurious edge to their tea experience, or companies or small businesses looking to impress their customers, our tea lessons can teach you or your staff how to inject some real flair and knowledgeability into your tea brewing. By the end of our tea class, you and your staff will be confident in recommending different flavour profiles to match any taste.

Tea Addict believes in making a cup of tea more than just a cup of tea. Tea can be an indulgence, an adventure and a consciousness-expanding revelation. In our tea classes, we’ll show you how tea can be a taste trip that delights the tip of your tongue as flavours dance across it. Tea lessons from Tea Addict can elevate your tea experience to the next level.


What Will You Learn in Our Tea Classes?

Our tea lessons last about 2–3 hours, during which you will learn about:

  1. The History of Tea — Learn about the origins of tea and how it became the most widely consumed beverage in the world behind water.

  2. Basic Types of Tea — Discover some of the most common types of teas and their profiles.

  3. Teas and Infusions — Find out the differences between teas and infusions, and what that means for your tea experience.

  4. Picking Top Quality Tea — Learn how to differentiate premium tea from mediocre tea and ensure you only accept the very best.

  5. Tea Storage — Uncover the secrets of tea storage, so that your tea always stays fresh and fragrant.

  6. Tea Brewing Methods — Explore the different brewing methods and their effect on tea.

  7. Turning Tea into an Experience — Get all your senses involved as you discover how tea can be so much more than just a drink.

  8. The Tea Wheel — Tour the rainbow of tastes that tea can convey and learn how to combine and pair them.

  9. Tea Tasting—Indulge in some of the finest and most exotic teas the world has to offer and find out just how mind-blowing tea can be.



What Do You Need to Take Part in Our Tea Classes?


Our tea classes can be held at your premises or at your preferred location, and we can provide all the tea and brewing equipment required to make our tea lessons a truly unforgettable experience. We can also offer tea classes for both groups of tea enthusiasts or individuals.


If you inform us in advance, we can also adapt our tea lessons to meet the needs of your team or the tea stocked in your café. As tea experts, we can review your tea stock and facilities, to ensure that the tea class is bespoke and tailored specifically to your needs.



A Final Word on Tea Classes


The choice is yours: will you settle for the humdrum, dreary tea of the past, or dip your toes into the hedonistic and decadent world of our tea classes? Choose carefully—we’ll show you just how deep this rabbit hole goes, and you might just end up becoming a tea addict.

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