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Tea addict menu.

Chinese teas

Dong Ding (Oolong)

Dian Hong (Black tea)

Ku Qiao Cha (Buckwheat tea)

Herbal infusions

Ivan-Chai and wild strawberry

Ivan-Chai and raspberry

Ivan-Chai and mint

HI Number 1 (Relaxation)

HI Number 2 (Immune)

HI Number 3 (Restorative)

HI Number 4 (Healthy sleep)

HI Number 5 (Soothing)

Tea experience

Introduction to tea

Chinese tea ceremony

Tea tasting

Tea Accessories

Glass tea strainer

Bamboo tea spoon


Tea starter pack

Price per 50g





Price per 50g










Price per person





Price per unit




Price per unit


*More tea options are available upon request.

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