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Meng Ding Gan Lu (Green tea)

Meng Ding Gan Lu (Green tea)


The tender leaf gives a clear liquor, intense floral note with hints of nut undertones, and leaving a very sweet lingering taste that lasts for a long time.
This tea is also very nice if you brew it with cold water.

  • Brewing instructions

    Measure 4g of tea leaves for 200ml of water. 

    Cooldown the boiling water to 80 degree Celsius. Use the same temperature for a series of brewing until you feel the taste no longer remains. Finally, you can use boiling water to bring out the remaining taste and flavour.

    The first brewing period is 1 minute. The second brewing must be less than a few seconds. The third brewing is the same. From the forth brewing onwards, increase to additional 10 seconds for each subsequent brewing.

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“Tea is a gift from the earth. Drink deeply and take in nature.”


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