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Citrus pu-erh
  • Citrus pu-erh

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    This special Citrus Puerh tea imparts a wonderfully rich and earthy flavour with fragrant and citrusy notes. 


    1 peace = 10g


    • Brewing instructions

      1. Open up the package and take out the Mandarin Orange Puerh Tea; Most of the Mandarin Orange Puerh Tea will have a layer of wrapping paper outside, which can not only preserve its fragrance but also protect them from collisions during transportation.
      2. Use a tea needle to poke four holes evenly around the tea ball, and better not to let the tea leaves leak out.
      3. Put the Mandarin Orange Puerh Tea into Gaiwan, inject boiled water; There are two ways: After the tea is put into Gaiwan, pour the water in. So that the tea leaves are fully moistened and heated. Then pour out the tea liquid.

        • Option 1: Pour water directly in the middle of mandarin orange.

          Water will be poured into the ripened Puerh tea so that the tea liquid is red and the taste of Puerh will be mellower and richer.

        • Option 2: Pour water around the tea.

          Water pours around the mandarin orange so that the tea liquid is bright yellow with a sweet taste. In this way, the taste of Puerh tea is relatively weak, and the fragrance of mandarin orange is richer.

      4. Pour the tea liquid out into a tea pitcher, and serve it to cups, enjoy the tea.
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    “Tea is a gift from the earth. Drink deeply and take in nature.”


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